15.07.2011 - BADKAT & LMNZ * NEW MUSIC

1. Artist: 2. Titel: 3. Label: 4. Jahr: 5. Record Title

arrested development: the trends: vagabond records: 2011: strong

arrested development: la la la: vagabond records: 2011: strong

jan delay & sam ragga band: diverse instrumentals: echo beach

atmosphere: aint nobody: rhymesayers 2011: family sign

atmosphere: your name here: rhymesayers 2011: family sign

bluprint: go hard or go home: rhymesayers 2011: adventures in counter culture

bluprint: my culture: rhymesayers 2011: adventures in counter culture

lmnz: har rooz: 2010: worldwide rap

interview badkat & lmnz: wiseup 7/2011

badkat: stix n stones: 2011: knuckle sandwich

lmnz: language: 2010: worldwide rap

lmnz: so much hate: 2010: worldwide rap

looptroop: diverse instrumentals: dvsg: the struggle continues

lmnz: I like livin here: 2010: worldwide rap

badkat: get up and go: 2011: knuckle sandwich

badkat: revenge: 2011: knuckle sandwich

lmnz: long days: 2010: worldwide rap

chris colombo: dramajunkie